Rules and Regulations

Entry and Registration 

1.0 Entries and full payment must have been received by 19th September 2020 

1.1 Confirmation of Crew members to be received before 8am on the day of racing

1.2 All participants must sign the disclaimer form before 9am on the day of racing 

1.3 All members of the crew must be signed up to their national governing body 

1.4 Enter your category, boat type and male or female 

1.5 All entrants must attend safety briefing before the race 

1.6 Early Bird entry will close at midnight on the 15th July 


2.0 One mass start set off by the starters gun. A false start, by crossing the line early will be penalised by a 1 minute time penalty. 


2.1 Priority positions to be given to perceived (by the umpires) faster boat


2.2 The slower crew must hold the same line and allow the faster crew to move around them.

2.3 In the event of a clash crews must stop paddling and separate 

2.4 In the event of a sinking, the safety launch has total power and control over all crew members.

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