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After Race Feast 



Full spit roasted pig
Spit roasted lamb joints
6oz 100% Scottish beef burgers on large floured bap
Jumbo pork sausages on giant hot dog bun
6oz plant based vegetarian burger on a large floured bap (v)
Chicken fajitas on a large wrap
Vegetable fajitas on a large wrap (v)
Marinated tex mex beef chunks on a large wrap
Cajun halloumi burgers on brioche Bun (v)
Sweet Chilli Prawn Pots or Salmon Fillets – choose one

Garlic ranch potatoes (v)
Grilled Portobello mushrooms with stilton (v)

Tuna mayonnaise pasta
Arrabiata pasta (v)
Pesto with sun dried tomato pasta (v)

Fried onions
Grilled corn on the cob with Scottish butter
2 large mixed salad bowls
Large sliced tomatoes
Large sliced onion rings
Selection of cheeses
Homemade creamy coleslaw

After Race Feast

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