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You can enter any human-powered boat into the event, no sails or motors allowed, sorry. 
All boats must be "seaworthy" if you wish to do the event in a finer boat please contact the organising committee
You can sign up for the entire distance or you can swap at Foyers which is roughly half way, this means at Foyers you must have another crew to finish the course. 
If you need to hire a boat for the event, please contact the organising committee and they will do their best to support your challenge.
Please enter all of your information into the registration form stating your boat type and how long it will take to complete the entire distance, this is so we can decide which wave you will start in.

The entry is £75 per person in your crew.
Eager-Ness Entries before 1st July £70
Tradi-Ness Entries after 25th August £80.
For example a coxed quad would be 5 full entries. 

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